Comprehensive, Effective and Time-tested

Our Consultants follow a structured, detailed and result oriented process to conduct a given search. Our time-tested process has successfully helped us seamlessly execute and close mandates for the last 3 decades.


Note: Steps in the process might be repeated or altered based on individual mandates.


The PSS Consultant meets directly with the Client to fully understand the objective, the position-requirements and other expectations. Terms, conditions and deadlines are finalized during this process.

  • Identified potential candidates are discretely contacted, interviewed and assessed
  • Our consultants engage with Passive Candidates to generate interest in the position
  • Selected high caliber candidates are shortlisted
  • Client makes an offer to the selected Candidate through a PSS Consultant
  • Terms and salaries are negotiated
  • PSS oversees offer acceptance till the joining date and ensures smooth integration
  • Armed with a comprehensive brief, the PSS Consultant will work with the Client to create a detailed job description of the position
  • We often build on an existing job description if the Client has already created one
  • Confidential reports are prepared on shortlisted candidates and presented to the Client
  • Often times this process might be repeated and a fresh list of Candidates might be presented to the Client
  • Client decides which Candidates to interview
  • The PSS team develops a thorough list of target companies and candidates through a highly systematic research process
  • We also mine our proprietary database and leverage our extensive contact network to cover all aspects of research
  • The shortlisted Candidates are interviewed by the Client and a decision is made on the best fit for the position